Living in the Realms Beyond the Road Most Traveled
By John A. McMullin, H.C.


The road most traveled teaches us to live through our job, partner, children, physical beauty, money, and other tangible assets. We create behavior to control self and others through the dramas of defending, proving, hiding, shaming, martyrdom, rescuing, punishing, and self sabotage. Thus, we become the hidden messages of our ego needs for self preservation and survival, and we feel anxious and trapped by our own inner war.

Finding new realms beyond our own internal conflict is a process of forgiving the judgment of self and realizing that each of us has a unique road to travel for our wisdom in this incarnation. There is always a light and shadow side of every life experience that helps us to discover who we are by experiencing who we are not.

If each of us is to fulfill the journey of our Higher Self Destiny, then what remains is the choice of perception experienced by the Lower Self. Another realm of our consciousness is to realize the perfect synchronous and serendipitous aspects of life in which we connect with the mind of One and realize we are a part of the total expression. The co-creator self becomes aware that our experiences, outside of ourselves are merely the ego’s version of life; and what is left is the realization that only the inner wisdom from our heart center connects us with the mind of One.

John A. McMullin, H.C. is the founder of Journeys of Wisdom where thousands of people have benefited from his intuitive, holistic teachings.  John may be contacted by calling 614-888-1240.