The Road of Becoming Self-less
By John A. McMullin, H.C.


Perhaps, as a child, you remember being told that you were selfish, self centered, conceited, needy, and a host of other words suggesting you were child-ish. Thus, we learned to attach shame and fear to the idea of being needy and helpless. We didn’t know that all humans are needy. Physically we need air, food, Planet Earth, and equally important, we are also emotionally, mentally, and spiritually needy. Given that we are needy, the question is: Do we know how to get our emotional needs met from our own nurturing or do we depend upon others?

Becoming self-less is realizing that we must teach ourselves to nurture and value our own needy ego parts. This process of dialoging with our needy ego parts allows us to become “inner-dependent” rather than co-dependent, in which we depend on others to feel valued and safe. Self realization is an understanding that we were all incarnated with needy and deceptive ego parts which we must discover and re-parent. As we embrace our needy ego parts, the power to experience ourselves from a compassionate perspective allows us to grow into a state of being called self-less. The self we developed through the definition of our parents created the necessary pain and desire to motivate us to grow into self and then, to ultimately becoming self-less.

Our self-less consciousness was made possible through our neediness and the acting out of defended and proving behavior we used to validate selfishness. From the self-less consciousness, we become more aware that we are less attached to the opinions of others and understand the difference between apathy and compassion. We notice that we can embrace both sides of any conflict and we tend to flow with life rather than trying to control it. We also receive the gift of clear intuition and the messages of Higher Self. In this state of being, we become clear mirrors for others to reflect in the process of finding their own self-less state of being.


John A. McMullin, H.C. is the founder of Journeys of Wisdom where thousands of people have benefited from his intuitive, holistic teachings.  Through the hundreds of classes available and different modalities offered, attendees have discovered spiritual and harmonious self empowerment leading to paths of wellness.  John may be contacted by calling 614-888-1240.