Lilís Corner
By Lillian F. Bernhagen, R.N., M.A., H.C.



As I journey this mountain called life,
I find pathways of joy and of strife,
But now and again I find rest,
To prepare for an on-coming test,
Of whether the wisdom Iíve grasped
Will add to my strength of the past,
Or whether these moments of peace,
Is only Godís help to release
A power, a strong inner drive
Which urges me on, thatís alive,
As I strive toward the Heavenly light,
In this journey toward eternal life.
So, I reach for Godís hand and I see
That my journey need not lonely be,
For within my own self I do find,
That the gift from Creatorís wise mind,
Guides my steps as I work toward that place
Of promised Divine, Sacred Grace.