Skinny Dipping in the Pool of Thought
By Annetta “Nettie” Morse


The theme for this month “Living Beyond the Road Most Traveled” has given me the most fun dancing with the thought of it. I waltzed with it, jitterbugged with it and then finally did an Argentina tango with it. To come to what my friend Frank suggests and that is to “skinny dip in the pool of thought”.

            The word “beyond” challenges me to wonder how am I living with the beliefs that I have? That thought alone has always caused me to constantly houseclean my mind and organize my beliefs. Some beliefs work and some don’t. When I identify where my beliefs came from or come from: parents, school, neighbors, peers, books, movies and experience, it was easy to change and expand on the ones that work and let go of the ones that don’t work. The era we were born into imprints us for life, as do all of the people, places and things. We probably can never be totally rid of a belief, we can only modify it. New thoughts that take us beyond what we know can nullify or surround an old belief so that it can give us an opportunity to live more joyfully, abundantly and with purpose. That purpose will serve us well and will influence, in a good way, the world we create and live in. Who we are, what we talk about, and when we walk that talk, attracts more of what we are thinking and asking for into our lives.

            More often than not, when we begin to expand the concepts that make up what we believe and live, we find it is not about going out beyond, but going within where our truth lives. This self search is always ongoing but the longer we live, love, and experience life, the more exciting a challenge it is but in a good way. Being nervous about being different lessens and eventually, being nervous and fearful has no sting because it is only with our self that we compare our achievements. With every lesson learned and every step forward, self confidence is bolstered and attracts to us more events which allow stepping outside the bounds of conformity and draw people to us who are supportive.

I also believe there is a Universal Source I call God that is as close to us as the air we breathe. We were created from it, we return to it and we live in it and that gives us the free will to make choices which is the life we now lead. Every day becomes a new day to learn and not to look back if it holds us with chains of negativity and crimps our style. We daily find a focus that makes us feel good. Feeling good lets us know that we are in alignment with our purpose and our God, the Source of Life. It will enhance our life and then, by its nature, bring joy to our world. If enough people are living with that kind of concept, it will eventually encompass the entire world in peace. Peace has to begin somewhere. We cannot expect the war zones to express it, or those under siege to live it, but even in a troubled zone, the heart of any individual can have a focus of wanting to be kind. Maybe this earth place is just a school for each of us to learn the next lesson in our evolution, so that when we pass on we go to another level of enlightenment. Isn’t that what the word eternity means, no beginning, no ending just a constant evolving into higher realms and each realm is more blissful then the one we are in?

            Who travels this road on this journey? Many do. Read the books written by those who know the principles of success, carefully choose the movies you watch, who your friends are, and what kind of work you are doing. That is where you will find the clues about what you need, want, and are asking for. Even if at present, you are not satisfied with how your life is, celebrate that because discontent is your power tool to finding what you do want. Be clear about what you want, discover that fear can be replaced with love. Remember that every life change or thought or belief change becomes a journey and the first step is always the hardest to make. Always take constant small steps forward until you get where you are supposed to be. It takes no more effort to dream big dreams than it does to dream little dreams. Eventually dreams do come true when we go beyond and live within everyday creating a belief system that works. As Mike Dooley says, “thoughts become things, choose the good ones.”

            Begin with “skinny dipping in the pool of thought”, dare to get naked, refreshed and clothed again in new experiences. Try it, you’ll like it, my friend Frank does and so do I.  

Annetta “Nettie” Morse; writer, tarot coach, philosopher and entrepreneur can be reached by calling 740 687 5824.