Natural Solutions For Better Health
By Larry Pahl, L.M.T.


           Wouldn’t it be great if we had a built-in mechanism to tell us if we were making good or bad decisions in our life?  When your head and your heart disagree, you will know it by the feeling in your gut that something just isn’t right.  Why is this true?

            Exciting new research has determined that we not only have a brain in our head, but also, one in our heart and one in our gut. The “brain” in our heart, with over 40,000 neurons, drives us to excel and helps us to reason, contemplate and problem solve. The “brain” in our gut has more neurons than in our entire spinal cord.  It is the seat of intuition, the center of our feelings. When we are using all three brains, we are thinking with our heart and using our intuitive intelligence to make good choices and good decisions.

            So, how do we tap into and trust the power and intelligence of our intuition? The first step is to believe that intuition, the ability to feel with our gut, to trust our gut feeling is within all of us. It has simply been dormant in most of us, as we have been unaware of the gift and power that we possess in our stomach.

            What an amazing advantage to feel whether we are making a right or wrong move by synchronizing our head and heart brain with the intuitive brain in our gut! So, once we believe that we actually possess this thing called intuition, it is now up to us to think more with our heart and feel more with our gut.  We have to tune in and actually listen to what our stomach is telling us. Some things are easy to make sense of. When we are nervous, we get “butterflies.” When we are really nervous, we can become nauseated or get a “nervous stomach.”

            The bottom line on our intuitive intelligence is this: if your stomach is quiet, calm and feeling fine, you have probably chosen wisely. And if, on the other hand, your stomach feels like the beginning of a serious confrontation, you had better rethink your decision, because when your tummy starts talking, it is time to listen and trust your gut!  

Larry Pahl, LMT specializes in the treatment/management of chronic pain using a combination of exercise, stretching, nutrition and stress awareness.  He is currently writing a book on weight management and practicing wellness.  Larry can be reached by calling 740-701-6519.