Living Beyond The Road Most Traveled
by Victoria A. Vetere, PhD, HC


In preparing to write on this topic, I began to think of cultural icons who have taken the road less traveled and who serve as role models to show the rest of us that “being true to yourself” is indeed why you came into Being.  These mentors also show us that in serving our Highest Self, we in turn offer great service to others and to our world.

Many faces and names crossed my mind and heart, but one among them stood out.  You may recognize him as I describe him to you — rather short, a bit stocky in build, bright blue eyes, two flippers, webbed feet, shiny slick hair in a distinct black & white pattern.  Your Inner Kids may have guessed by now — I’m describing Mumbles of Happy Feet fame!!!

For those of you who have seen this movie, you may already know why I have chosen this amazing little guy with a big heart.  For those who have not seen it — Go See This Movie Immediately! It is a brilliantly animated spiritual saga that must be seen to truly be appreciated!  You owe it to your Inner Kids!

Mumbles was born without the ability to sing, which is the hallmark gift of all Emperor penguins and the key to their species survival. Instead, Mumbles had a unique and special gift all his own, the gift of dance!  He was born a natural tap dancer and dance he did!  He was truly unable to contain himself and still his “happy feet”, and equally unable to croon like his clan!  This endeared him to his mother and embarrassed his father, both of whom were excellent singers.  Unable and unwilling to be someone he was not, Mumbles embarked on the “hero’s journey” leaving his friends and family, and venturing out into the world beyond any he had known or imagined.

Freeze Frame:  How many of you find the courage and self-sincerity that this very young penguin found within himself? How often have you enacted inauthentic roles and behaviors in order to retain attachments to others and to barter for love & approval?  How familiar is the path of supposed success and achievement?  How truly fulfilled and joyful do you feel on that path?  These are not rhetorical questions.  They are a call to your deepest essence, your truest self.  They are the bucket of cold water in the face— the wake up call, the sacred invitation to live your own life, your own way, and in your own time.

I seriously invite you to sit back, close your eyes and to embrace these questions and also the honest answers that arise from within you.  I invite you to make this your birthday—the day you give birth to yourself, to who you are and why you came. These answers lie nowhere but deep within you, awaiting their joyous and refreshing expression.  There is and has never been anyone who is you, and so the world awaits your beautiful and unique contributions.  The picture of creation is not complete without each of us artists showing up with our bright palettes and flowing brush strokes!  You are the artist of your life and of this amazing mural we call humanity!

Back to the movie and to our dear courageous and wise friend, Mumbles.  Indeed his courage is well-rewarded as he meets a joyful band of supporters and every manner of sacred synchronicity toward an amazing unfolding of planetary upliftment and healing.  Truly a beautiful and sacred story worthy of remembering—in as much as we all came forth with equally powerful and person potential.  We are the ones we have been waiting for.  Heaven appears in any moment in which we choose joy and peace. 

“Living beyond the road most traveled” requires us to be authentic, true only to ourselves.  This road is not for the weak of heart.  Neither is the true stuff of us for we came in love and we are of love.  As Mumbles so exquisitely shows us by his example—be yourself, embrace your truth and the journey it leads you on — and then all of Heaven will support and lift you toward your Greatness and the upliftment of us all!  

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