Our Body Listens to the Whisper of Color

By Julianne Bien


    If youíre like most people living in the northern hemisphere, February and March means short days, gray skies and feelings of unrelenting drabness, like a monochrome world. Itís hard to get out of bed and feel energetic, as the color energy reservoir in our body that fills in during sunnier months, is progressively drained. Most people have their routine for dealing with the winter blahs or the more clinical SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). We fly off to a beach for a large dose of sun, a form of binging thatís not particularly harmful if not overdone. For the homebound, there is an equally reactive option: bathing in high intensity, white light treatment devices that are promoted as light therapy for SAD and mood disorders that result from lack of sun exposure.

We know some sunlight is good for us, it helps produce essential Vitamin D and gives us a healthy appearance. But the reality of treating symptoms is that you donít get to the underlying issues adversely affecting your heath and wellness. The (perceived) impact of any sunlight or white-light binging is the same. It may help a bit at the time but wonít do you much good in May. The endocrine system, our internal chemical factory, is a control mechanism for our state of health. We can make its job easier by maintaining good energetic health on a full-year basis, just as maintaining a healthy weight is better than binge dieting.

Life as we know it couldnít exist without the sunís electro-magnetic radiation, or color light energy. The color energy we absorb is distributed through the bodyís meridian channels and nourishes every cell and system of our body. Itís the basis of inter-cellular communications. Our lifetime of emotional and physical experiences are stored as memory imprints within these channels or energy streams and can impact us from moving forward if not cleared. These imprints are recorded on an internal memory board to be replayed over and over when a similar resonance is sounded. These energetic imbalances can create real life trauma. Transmuting these stagnant blocks promotes wellness on many levels, but it canít be done through a week of binging. It requires a broader application of the properties of specific colors as part of a daily color energy workout.

In the science of Color Harmonics, each color is a unique frequency and has its own unique contribution to energetic fitness. Red stimulates, increasing circulation and vitality. Green promotes balance and harmony within our energy systems and is therefore ideal for maintaining and strengthening our immune system. Orange can realign the energy flow along the meridian system creating equilibrium and encouraging a state of happiness. Color light workouts can be performed in just minutes using small, lightweight, transportable and non-invasive tools along with protocols that direct the color light energy along the bodyís meridian network to keep you energetically fit. When coupled with regular exercise and a healthy diet, energy workouts cannot only help you avoid the February and other seasonal blahs but also increase resistance to colds, the flu and other common ailments.

 This science of Color Harmonics allows each of us to tap into our innate ability to self-heal and self-tone the inner and outer body to help look and feel our best.  Itís the only free commodity in the universe with a built-in rainbowĖ and itís there for the taking.


Julianne Bien resides in Toronto, Canada and is the developer of the Lumalight Color Therapy System. She can be reached at (416) 340.0882 or by e-mail julianne@spectrahue.com