Lilís Corner

By Lillian F. Bernhagen, MA, RN, HC



Dear One, how can you know
What long ago
Was precious in my life?
There was no way
That you could stay,
And spare me bitter strife.

Excitement lured you on
To loves, soon gone,
Your fantasies deceived,
Some lingered long,
Beguiling, strong,
Your heartís love to receive.  

As I was left adrift,
Destroyed, unfit
For any daily chore,
A sadness deep
Through my heart seeped,
Its happiness, no more.  

Too many years went past,
ĎFore I, at last,
Could close this waiting door
On love. Then sealed within,
Its glow grew dim,
Its ecstasy, no more.  

Another love was not
To be my lot,
My heart was yours alone.
I had but one regret
To deal with yet,
Loveís passion now was gone 

No matter what the years
Have brought in tears,
Had I not shared your love, though brief,
Iíd not have known
Emotion grown
To depths beyond belief.