Is Peace Wisdom of the Heart?

John A. McMullin, H.C.

     If knowledge is information that comes from the written or spoken word, then how do we measure the value of wisdom? Perhaps wisdom is more about applying life experiences and understanding consequences of our choices from sensitivity beyond knowledge. When we reach for our wisdom, are we asking for the sensitivity of bringing balance to our own life? Does wisdom allow us to move beyond the righteousness or wrongfulness of our own judgment? Does growth toward wisdom allow us to see past our own rationalization to connect with compassion, empathy, and understanding the purpose of the light and shadow aspects of life?

What would it mean if we understood that the purpose of every life experience is beyond our own judgment, and we realized that life is a Divine expression? How would we change our behavior if we could experience ourselves through the shoes of other people? Is it possible that the purpose of anger and pain is to create a polarization that draws wisdom into our heart?

Some of the benchmarks in people moving their life experiences from their head into their heart include:

  1. Learning the wisdom of slowing reactions and sitting with an open heart for deeper understanding before they respond in a situation.
  2. Learning to look at both sides of a coin and allow themselves to evaluate an experience from more than one place of judgment.
  3. Making a mental choice to listen with their heart more than with the ears of their own ego.
  4. Understanding the nature of passion and compassion and finding the right times for both.
  5. Commitment to exploring their emotions and thoughts with every life experience in order to offer a richer and more profound insight in every moment.
  6. Consistently explore any aspects of their ego parts that create numbness, denial, distortion and illusions that defend them from the full spectrum of life.
  7. Gently challenging everything experienced by the ego with the compassion of their heart.
  8. Learning to own their own judgment and not project those beliefs onto others without curiosity and a promise not to take themselves so seriously.
  9. Living in the moment and realizing that any experience of life will change upon reflection.
  10. Understanding that every life experience provides a literal opinion as well as opportunities for deeper realization.
  11. Knowing that our clever intelligence is not the source of richness in life.
  12. Making a mental choice to remain as undefended and un-proving as possible.
  13. Learning that receiving is giving and giving is receiving.
  14. Realizing that a tender and kind heart is not a sympathetic reaction, but rather a soulful choice.
  15. Teaching ourselves the art and skill of curiosity as we explore the mysterious.
  16. Embracing the simple truth that our ego is not capable of life without distortion and the true sense of love for self and others must flow through our heart.
  17. To explore the nature of aggressive or passive anger and realize anger is only the expression of defending ourselves from the fear and shame of intimacy.
  18. Judgment comes from self preservation and offers the paradox of life and death for self.
  19. Wisdom understands the painful consequences of trying to control other people’s behavior or beliefs out of arrogance.
  20. Wisdom is the place of balance between pathetic and arrogant, righteous and pity, assertive and submissive, life and death.

 May I offer that the destiny of each journey was divinely created for the realization and sensitivity for the wisdom of the heart? Simply said, there is no right or wrong path; there are only the necessary life lessons that invite each of us into the chamber of connecting with our own wisdom.


John A. McMullin, H.C. is the founder of Journeys of Wisdom where thousands of people have benefited from his intuitive, holistic teachings.  Through the hundreds of classes available and different modalities offered, attendees have discovered spiritual and harmonious self empowerment leading to paths of wellness.  John may be contacted by calling 614-888-1240 or visit