By Annetta “Nettie” Morse


          It is good to experience life’s road blocks that make you stumble because they become your best teachers, if you choose to feel that way about them. You can choose to not be overcome by them but rather, learn how to turn them into stepping stones toward dreams and goals.

          Wisdom expands with every choice made. A choice creates a life scenario and provides guidance and gives more experience for the next drama. Wisdom comes from not being afraid to get in touch with your feelings. Feelings are the benchmark on Life’s path indicating whether you are in alignment with your dreams, desires, wants, or needs.

          Desire to be loving, so that you can be loved. The desire to feel beautiful or handsome begins with how you feel about yourself. Self confidence follows and then, you begin to notice that others respond to you in a positive way. The list is unending i.e.; joy, happiness, a sense of well being becomes a part of who you are, you can feel it, and it has nothing to do with being egotistical. Learning to be nonjudgmental of yourself first, spills over into not judging anyone else. When you choose to align your thoughts in perfect sync with the Universal Wisdom/God you will know it by how you feel. What you are asking for either makes you feel good or it doesn’t. You are in alignment when it feels good. You are not in alignment if it doesn’t feel good. It is paramount to learn to trust your own pure truth and feel confident that the choices you make come from that inner soul place of Love, Truth and Wisdom.

          How do you know you are in vibrational alignment with what you desire? You will know by looking at who and what you are attracting into your life. How do you treat people that are in your life, especially family members, spouses, friends and strangers? How you think and what you ask for makes a difference in what shows up. Are you unhappy where you are doing what you do? Assess where you are and reach for a better feeling. If the feeling does not change immediately, keep trying. You cannot jump from dark despair, feeling unloved, estranged, lonely, physically and emotionally in pain to happiness, joy and bliss in one quantum leap. Only Superman can jump over a tall building in one leap. You can do anything you want by taking one tiny step at a time, inch by inch by reaching for and finding a better feeling than the one you have at the moment. Don’t give up, be patient with yourself and your situation because the ultimate goal WILL BE reached. Know that every thought that seeks a better feeling also feels like going with the flow. A negative thought takes you upstream against the flow where you have to work against nature’s flow. A positive thought allows you to flow downstream with the current, not against it. Remember how it is to canoe down the river? Life is like that. By the feeling you have after the choices you make, you will know if you are going down stream with the flow or fighting against the current. All of the experiences make you wiser when making the next choices. You will never be finished, because there is always more to need and want with every achievement reached. That’s how life is, abundant and prosperous with possibilities. There is never an end to Life’s journey to get to where you want to go. Life as it unfolds is about enjoying the journey and knowing there is always more fun to find along the way.

          Right now what are you thinking? What is your life like? What do you really want? What have you asked for? Do you keep asking, asking, asking? Ask then trust, then let go and keep doing the next best thing. Don’t like your job, your boss is difficult? Try making every effort to do your best work every day. Silently bless all of those around you, wishing them the best that life offers. Are you being asked to do more than is possible? Most jobs do ask of a good employee to do more than is possible. Don’t ever waste time. Be clear about what you want and only share what you are thinking where it is safe. It is also very important that you build into every day, week, month, year things to do that are fun. Fun is finding pleasure for no reason except it feels good.

          Find others to join you that are on the same page as you are, or find things to do by yourself. It does not have to cost money or mean you have to go long distances to find fun. Begin where you are and find the joy in that. The sun rises and feels good on your face, the moon and stars are awesome, a misty morning is sweet, the grass is green, spring is almost here. Anticipate the first buds of daffodils and spring beauties. Hug the neighbor, wave to the repair man, tip the paperboy, smile at everyone until they all wonder what you are up to.

Make life a game, life was meant to be fun. How did we ever get so twisted that it wasn’t? If you are angry, or in pain, feel it, allow it, get into it and get over it as quickly as possible. Then reach for a little better feeling. There is always a little better feeling which you will find it if you think there can be one. There is nothing lost by trying. It is much like wishing you could go to college, take a course you have always been interested in, but think you are too old. How old will you be if you don’t go? Take a chance. You will be a year older anyway but you could be a year older with a degree! Maybe your dream is to go to Italy for a month and dance in the piazza as if no one were watching. How old will you be to achieve a dream like that? Eighty? No matter what, you will be eighty anyway. Why not have a dream and do it?

          How can you change? What are you thinking? When you know what you want, are you surprised? Open your mind and heart to allow the flow to pass through, wrap its energy around you until it becomes contagious. Desires for being pain free, full of joy and happiness, being loved are caught, not taught. Surround yourself with people who have found it. Learn to trust how you feel. Wisdom comes from the experiences that have come from the choices made. Life’s road blocks are teachers not stumbling blocks to keep you from what you want. Turn every stumbling block into stepping stones to the thing you want.


Annetta “Nettie” Morse; writer, Life Coach, philosopher, entrepreneur can be reached by email