February/March 2008
Wisdom of the Heart
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Intuition and Imagination

Copyright 2008 by Holistic Discoveries

Copyright 2008 by Holistic Discoveries

Is Peace Wisdom of the Heart
John McMullin, H.C.

Personification of the Heart
Lillian F. Bernhagen R.N., M.A., H.C. 

A Grateful Heart-The Power Tool for Holistic Work
Rev. Molly Cameron

Smart Heart
Victoria A. Vetere, Ph.D., H.C.

Leigh Randolph, DDS., M.S.

Whoops! I Fell in Love
Marlene Buffa

Making Stepping Stones Out of Stumbling Blocks
Annetta "Nettie" Morse

Heart of Health
Daniel P. Miller, RAc, Dipl.OM

Using Mindfulness and Heart Wisdom in the Process of Change
Ginny Johnsen, RD,LD, CLT

Lil's Corner
Lillian F. Bernhagen R.N., M.A., H.C.

Gifts of The Heart's Wisdom
Diana Rankin, M.A.

Our Body Listens to the Whisper of Color
Julianne Bien

Wisdom of the Heart and Hara
Paul Linden, Ph.D.

Book Reviews
Bob Peters







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