December 2006
Beyond The Spoken Word

October 2006
Change Your Thought...Change Your Life!

Copyright 2006 by Holistic Discoveries

Copyright 2006 by Holistic Discoveries
Lil's Corner
Lillian F. Bernhagen R.N., M.A., H.C. 

Beyond Spoken Words
John A. McMullin, H.C.

Are You a Holiday Superwoman?
Nancy Addison

What Words Can't Say
Paul Linden, Ph.D.

Beyond Words is the World of Experience
Sister Pat Rooks

Living in the Gap
L. Lexie Tyus, L.I.S.W.

What's the Score?
Victoria A. Vetere, Ph.D.

The Spoken Word and Beyond
Nick Petruzzella, Ph.D.

Unspoken Words
Julie North

Leigh Pickenpaugh, DDS., M.S.

Rewriting Our Life Script
David Hulse, D.D.

Body Language- A Key to Successful Therapeutic Intervention
Greg Mack, CES, MATCs, RTSm

When You Are Clear About What You Want
Annetta "Nettie" Morse


Beyond the spoken word suggests the capacity to communicate without verbal information.  Perhaps you have noticed the messages of our body talk such as gestures, tone of voice, and other physical expressions.  We also communicate at the intuitive level in which we experience the energy of expression.  

In addition, we can learn significant expressions that come from the stillness and silence of meditation and whisper of nature.  Some people have learned the art and skill of listening to the space between words and the energy of the spoken word.

In this edition, our authors have given you various ideas and techniques to increase your sensitivity and awareness of listening beyond the spoken word through your heart and head. 

Our authors are always interested in hearing your response to their articles and our advertisers truly appreciate readers that notice and support their products and services.  Please accept this free publication in the spirit of its contribution from the entire staff of Holistic Discoveries.


John A. McMullin, H.C.


Lil's Corner
Lillian F. Bernhagen R.N., M.A., H.C.

Connecting the Dots
Victoria A. Vetere, Ph.D., H.C.

Breaking Habits
John McMullin, H.C.

A Journey in the Power of Thought
Sister Pat Rooks

Who Said That? A Message for the Inner Critic
Leigh A. R. Pickenpaugh, D.D.S, M.S., H.C.

Changing Our Valuations
Harry E. Eisel, Ph.D.

Essences for Change
Anne Hartley, L.M.T.

How You (and I) Change Our World
L. Lexie Tyus, L.I.S.W

Hold That Thought
Annetta "Nettie" Morse

Intuitive Nutrition Listening to Your Body's Wisdom
Nancy Addison, HHC

Feeling Old Before Your Time? Or Why is Your Body Wearing Out?
Greg Mack, CES, MATCS

Self Respect: A Dynamic Force of Transformation
David Hulse, D.D.

Using Feng Shui When Decorating Cubicles
Troy Doucet

Changing Your Thoughts
Paul Linden, Ph.D.

Welcome to this issue of Holistic Discoveries where the focus is Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life.  Our talented authors were excited to write articles about this topic and I believe you’ll agree there are great insights included in this publication.

Teaching ourselves to think with our heart and feel with our mind is not only a paradox; this effort also allows us to view life through a new periscope.  Teaching ourselves to feel our thinking gives us a deeper appreciation for the messages of life and a greater understanding of our purpose and expression. 

Many of us learned, early in life, to numb out our feelings and emotions to survive the shaming and threatening experiences we experienced in childhood.  The path to reconnection is through a conscious effort to stay present as we work through old memories that caused us to disassociate. As we change our thoughts and perceptions of life experiences, we embrace life with renewed vitality, curiosity and gratitude.

Thanks again for using this publication as a source of your own expansive growth and please tell the advertisers you appreciate their support and learned about their resources through this free publication.  

John A. McMullin, H.C.