Lil's Corner
By Lillian F. Bernhagen, R.N., M.A., H.C.


I wish I had the patience of a cat,
So black, so sleek, silently crouched she sat
Among my sedum plants awaiting for her prey,
Hoping to catch a creature with which to play
In her own sly, inimitable crafty way.  

No movement of her head or body there,
Except the twitching of a tiny ear,
Alert to any move of sudden sound,
Which might come from a burrow in the ground,
A subtle sign that she should stay around.

Intent her purpose soon she could fulfill,
And that is why she stays so very still,
Green eyes aglow, a true aristocrat,
Intrepid hunter, she just sat, and sat,
And sat!

I wish I had the patience of a cat.



Your share a sacred space within my heart,
Held there, not as captive, but as a blessing,
An infinite, treasured god-like part
Inseparable from the total of my being.  

How deeply have I reached into your soul?
How sacred is my love held in your heart?
I struggle with perceptions, with my role,
And want no false illusions on my part.

Time will tell Creatorís plan for me
To share a love so rate, profoundly wrought,
That deepens even more while I have sought
To fathom all the meaning it enfolds.

Perhaps with passing time, of which thereís naught,
Iíll understand all yesterdays are but today,
The future is of now, as is the past,
For me to hold this precious love in sacred trust.