Is the Wisdom in the Question or the Answer?
By John  A. McMullin, H.C.


It has been suggested that the greatest wisdom cannot be written or spoken, but only experienced. So, why am I writing this article? Perhaps to stimulate the inner wisdom of self and the sensitivity, imagination, intuition, and consciousness necessary to expand the human ego beyond the values it defends.  My personal discovery about inner wisdom is that answers are revealed in the question and therefore Ill embrace my concepts about wisdom in that form.  

  Is it true that wisdom expands to those who open their heart to their mind, and their mind to their heart to experience life in a broader spectrum?  

  Is wisdom the understanding that we each have a unique journey and nobody else can ever have the sacred experiences in time and space that have been given to our Lower Self from our Higher Self?  

  Is wisdom a process of embracing our unique journey of destiny and realizing that every event has a choice of perception formed by the event or upon reflection of the event?  

  If knowledge is collecting information from the literal world, then is wisdom a process of learning to apply and to live with higher realization?  

  In simple terms, does wisdom teach the profound law of what goes around comes around?  

  Does it take wisdom to hold space for who we are and what we think we are?

  Is a significant purpose of life to learn what we are not, so we have more resolve of what we are?  

  Is wisdom expressed through our attempt to control life or surrendering to the flow of life?  

  Is wisdom a process of consciously understanding both sides of a coin?  

  Does it take wisdom to understand that every life experience was necessary with or without our permission?  

  At what point does wisdom help us understand that our life partner(s) were necessary to mirror back undisclosed truths about self?  

  If wisdom helps me understand that the human ego filters everything with judgment, then can I escape my own judgment by allowing my ego to become part of me, rather than becoming my ego?  

  Does wisdom show me the paradox of human life in which we are born totally needy and codependent, so we can find the desire to move toward interdependency?  

  Will wisdom bring understanding to the difference between reacting and responding?  

  Does the human ego react out of its need for survival while consciousness prepares us for responding with empathy and understanding?  

  Is wisdom necessary to find the love in all expressions, including judgment?

  Can wisdom detect the behavior of rescuing, victim, and punishment as a cry for attention and affection?  

  Does wisdom show us the consequences of attachment to our outside world versus bonding in our inside world?  

  Does it require wisdom to escape the shame of betrayal by not being loyal to our familys behavior and secrets?  

Perhaps these questions have inspired you to create a dialog with yourself and other people. Our staff of Holistic Coaches would welcome your statements or questions regarding this article. Please allow a few days for our response to your questions or statements. Thank you for investing your time and focus with this article.

John A. McMullin, H.C. is the founder of Journeys of Wisdom where thousands of people have benefited from his intuitive, holistic teachings.  Through the hundreds of classes available and different modalities offered, attendees have discovered spiritual and harmonious self empowerment leading to paths of wellness.  John may be contacted by calling 614-888-1240 or emailing: .